North Wilkesboro, NC residents are known for working hard and earning their way. We always want to provide a better life for our children. Estate planning is vital for those who wish to pass on a legacy to the next generation in their families. Effective estate and trust planning help ensure financial security for those who matter most in your life. Successful estate planning all provides business owners it can maintain a smooth succession of leadership and build on their legacies.

Faw & Associates, PLLC’s role is to help you navigate the complex and shifting tax laws to facilitate the transfer of assets while minimizing tax liability for beneficiaries. It is important for you and your family to have a thoroughly researched plan to distribute the assets left in your estate and help mitigate and avoid potential complications. We help make individuals’ wishes are followed, so your legacy is preserved and furthered. Trusting estate planning to the professional accounts at Faw and Associates will go a long way toward easing the potential burden of dealing with regulations and tax law during a time of loss and remembrance.

North Wilkesboro, NC Estate Planning

Faw and Associates will assist in the following with your estate planning process:

  • Helping you identify key documents for estate planning
  • Navigate tax law
  • Identify important assets
  • Allocate assets to the right people
  • Determine any potential pitfalls
  • Know your family is cared for

The greatest benefit of trusting your estate planning to the experienced CPAs at Faw and Associates in North Wilkesboro is the peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones can enjoy your legacy while avoiding potential regulatory and tax law complications. It is never too early to begin estate planning. Contact Faw and Associates to begin the process today, so you and your family can have that peace of mind.