North Wilkesboro is a great place to live and work. Set in the beautiful foothills of northwestern North Carolina, Wilkes County features spectacular mountain views, pristine rivers and creeks, world-class mountain biking trails, and mild weather that rarely is too cold or hot. Whether you own your own company, work for one of the great corporations or small businesses in the area or are retired and enjoying all that there is to see and do in North Wilkesboro, tax planning will always be a part of life.

Faw and Associates’ CPAs have served residents of North Wilkesboro and surrounding areas for many years, providing expert tax planning for individuals and businesses.

Faw and Associates Can Assist You With Tax Planning

Faw and Associates CPAs guide you through a full range of tax planning and preparation decisions in order to ensure the most desirable outcome of options available. Our goal is to:

  • Analyze your situation
  • Make you aware of any new laws
  • Minimize your tax liabilities
  • Maximize your cash flow
  • Keep you on track to your financial goals
  • Represent you if there is ever an audit

Tax time does not have to be the worst season of the year. With Faw and Associates, we help you have peace of mind knowing that you have a solid plan in place and that if you are ever chosen for an audit, we can represent you and answer any questions the IRS poses. Whether you are searching for tax planning services in North Wilkesboro, payroll services, dept and financial advising, bookkeeping, or any other financial services, contact us.